Dalesbred Meat at Burton Butcher''s, Burton-in-Kendal
Address: Chester House, Main St, Burton-in-Kendal  Phone:01524 781219
Opening Hours
  • Mon-Fri:

    Butcher in Burton in Kendal offering Dalesbred finest quality meats.

    Burton Butchers was opened in October 2012 by Nathan and Carole Brown. The majority of the meat comes directly from their farm, Deep Clough, which is located in Littledale. All of the animals on the farm are grown slowly and naturally, living a stress free life, which adds to the delicious flavour of the meat.

  • Nathan and Carole farm native breed cattle, rare breed pigs and Dalesbred and Swaledale sheep. These animals are all well suited to the fells that they are born and bred on. Burton Butchers also supplies chicken and free range eggs. We also have a range of handmade pies of all sizes, some of which are made using our own meat, and we have a range of locally made jams, chutneys and preserves.

    The butcher, John Unsworth, is from the local area and has been working as a butcher for many years. John trained on the butchery counter at a local supermarket and continued his training with other local butchers before starting with Nathan and Carole in 2012. He is always on hand to provide assistance in choosing the right cut of meat and offering advice on cooking times and new recipes for you to try.

    We are happy to supply large orders and can also take orders for whole and half pigs and lambs from our farm which can be prepared to your requirements.