All terms and conditions are as governed by UK law

Advertisements are only accepted in writing and will remain online for a term of one year with the option of annual renewal and updating subject to any fees operative at the time of renewal.

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy and content of any and all information published within his/her advertisement.

It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure material he/she supplies for publication on the Internet is not in breach of copyright or UK law.

Where there are possible copyright concerns it is the Customer's responsibility to obtain the relevant permission prior to publication of any copyrighted material.

The Customer shall indemnify BurtonWeb against any claim made for breach of copyright law or other UK legislation.

BurtonWeb cannot accept liability in respect of information published by the Customer nor is acceptance of the Customer an endorsement of the Customer's products and/or services.

BurtonWeb reserves the right to refuse to publish material it considers to be in breach of UK law. In the event such material becomes apparent post publication BurtonWeb reserves the right to immediately remove such content from the public domain. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure material published is legal.

Any photographs of the Customer's employees and/or family and/or customers published in the advertisement will be on the understanding that full permission has been given to the Customer. In the event that the Customer wishes any photographs of minors to be published in the promotion of the Customer's services or products full written permission from the parents or guardians of the minor must be given to BurtonWeb prior to use.

All copyright as regards site design and original content will be retained by BurtonWeb with an understanding that designs used in a Customer's advertisement will not be used elsewhere without the full written permission of the Customer for whose advertisement they were created.

BurtonWeb will at all times endeavour to meet the Customer's requirements and delivery date but cannot be held responsible for delays outside its reasonable control. BurtonWeb is an online service and not guaranteed to be available 100% of time due to the vagaries of the Internet and connectivity issues.

We reserve the right to refuse to accept any advertisement without giving a reason.


BurtonWeb - An online directory service provided by Anne Nichols trading as Astarte Web Design

Customer - the person commissioning the advertisement and who will be responsible for any payments due for providing same

Internet - An international network linking computers for the sharing of information

Minor - A person of either gender below the age of 18 years

Web Page - A single page of text and graphics in a format another computer can read usually but not necessarily containing links to further pages

Web Site - A group of linked pages at one URL or web address

WWW - The World Wide Web - the network of linked pages of formatted text and graphics accessed via the internet